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Saint Brieuc 11:50 
Chantilly 13:50 
Enghien Soisy 16:27 
Mons  18:30 
Market Rasen 14:30 
Wetherby 14:40 
Plumpton 14:50 
Clonmel 14:55 
Son Pardo  11:35 
Eskilstuna 12:20 
Östersund 18:20 
Bjerke 19:00 
Turffontein 11:00 
Concepcion 20:15 
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Racing or American football ? It does not have to be complicated

"Horse racing is too complicated, there`s so much technical jargon," is a prejudice you hear again and again. But as a newcomer to turf, you hardly need to know what a GAG mark or a side blender is? Because basically, it`s simple. Whichever horse has come around the track first after a round is the winner. You bet on who is the best. It doesn`t seem much more difficult than in football, where goals are the be-all and end-all, when it comes to basic principles.

And likeability or looks combined with beginner`s luck are allowed to play a role in the selection of the candidates on whom one puts one`s money. Nevertheless, German racing is far from being a trend sport. And it rarely appears on television, except for Torquator Tasso`s Arc triumph, which was like winning the lottery.

American football, a sport that until a few years ago hardly played a role in public perception in this country, is quite different. But every Sunday evening it dominates the programme on a TV channel for many hours. People participate interactively, even have a party or two at home, as far as that is currently possible, and identify with teams that they have mostly never seen live on site, because the action takes place thousands of kilometres away from home.

It is a sport that has an enormous number of rules, very many interruptions in the flow of play, ideal for advertising on American television. Very complicated, many will say, and they are right. But the atmosphere and the tension transfer to the screens. It is somehow "in" to watch American football, especially during this week`s Superbowl. Even supermarkets offer suitable food for it.

We are miles away from that in gallop sport, but we have to take the young people with us. With special competitions, with people we shape into stars and put them in the spotlight. This is also a challenge for the new media department of the federation. Show how uncomplicated Turf is and what makes it so fascinating!

The racetrack spy
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11:35Son Pardo 
18:45Enghien Soisy
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