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Caen 11:51 
Lyon Parilly 13:50 
Hyeres 16:27 
Le Croise-Laroche 19:00 
Southwell 14:00 
Pontefract 14:45 
Windsor 18:15 
Musselburgh 19:00 
Gävle 12:20 
Halmstad 18:20 
Skive 15:30 
Bjerke  11:35 
Bergen 18:55 
Greyville 12:10 
Fort Erie 19:05 
Saratoga 18:00 
Monticello 18:10 
Finger Lakes 19:10 
Indiana Grand 20:30 
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Racing on 28.06.2022
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What to do about the tiresome delays?

The German Turf and the tiresome delays: The last race on the racecourse in Berlin-Hoppegarten was supposed to start at 6:15 pm on Sunday, 15 May. But it got later and later, and finally the competition was run at 6:41 pm. Almost half an hour`s delay had accumulated. They had already not been on time during the double event in Berlin and in Krefeld, but it came to a head in the final.

A horse became riderless at the starting point, moved an enormous distance away to the straight runway. And of course we had to wait until it was caught. And once again, before the race with a four-way bet at the end, when most people wanted to go home. Why don`t they stretch a net or tape in front and behind, at a certain distance from the machine, like they do in other countries.

The quadrupeds wouldn`t be able to run so far away, would stay close by, and there wouldn`t be such an immense accumulation of delays. We are always impressed how quickly the horses move into the boxes in the USA, it rarely takes five minutes. But here it is often an endless affair. The start helpers do their best, but perhaps two or three more people should be employed to take care of the moving in and also the aforementioned tape. Everyone would be served, the spectators and above all the bettors and finally the racing club, which would have fewer of the expensive returners to deal with.

The racecourse spy
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13:50Lyon Parilly
13:50Lyon Parilly
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15:00Lyon Parilly
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A mare or not? Mysterious c...
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