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Hoppegarten  11:20 
Hoppegarten 11:20 
Hamburg Bahrenfeld 13:30 
Saint-Malo 11:35 
Auteuil 13:23 
Le Croise-Laroche 16:30 
Ripon 14:45 
Stratford 15:05 
Newmarket 16:45 
Naas 14:50 
Wolvega  19:30 
Jägersro Galopp 11:50 
Hagmyren 12:10 
Amal 13:45 
Lindesberg 14:00 
Charlottenlund 12:45 
Orkdal 17:25 
Scottsville 12:20 
Woodbine 19:10 
Lethbridge 21:15 
Bangor Raceway 17:00 
Saratoga 18:00 
Chester Downs 18:40 
Monmouth Park 18:50 
Tioga Downs 19:00 
Belmont At The Big A 19:05 
Gulfstream Park 19:15 
Lone Star Park 20:35 
Sunray Park 21:15 
Hawthorne 21:40 
Santa Anita 22:00 
Emerald Downs 22:30 
Remington Park 23:00 

Will the "zero solution" come at some point?
It was tough negotiations, but a solution was found that was probably more than just the lowest common denominator. From the new season on, the whip rules in German gallop races are different. They have been tightened up. A jockey is now allowed to use the stick three times in a race instead of five.

That`s right and also a pointer in the direction of the animal rights activists who would like to ban our favourite sport. Those who exceed the limit or violate the rules will face severe sanctions. However, we could have lived well and perhaps even better with a zero solution. Germany could have been a "pioneer". If the use of whips had been reduced to zero, there would have been no more discussions with Peta & Co. A former managing director of the umbrella organisation once jokingly referred to them as "animal protection Taliban". Of course, such expressions do no one any good, but the self-appointed guardians of animal welfare could have been kept quiet by completely renouncing the use of the whip. They would then probably only have spoken out in cases of serious accidents with their usual generalisations and accusations.

But the jockeys would also no longer have to fear punishment, because if you were no longer allowed to carry a stick, there could be no more offences of this kind. Who knows, maybe the whip will be dropped in the future. We would not rule that out. We can only hope that the paradigm shift to three sticks as a maximum will be quickly understood and that the weekly racing calendar will not be overflowing with penalty reports. Let`s hope for the best.

Neck & leg to you all for 2023!

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19:45Le Croise-Laroche
20:15Le Croise-Laroche