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Chateaubriant 11:36 
Le Mans 13:31 
Vichy 16:08 
Cabourg 18:17 
Mons  11:20 
Beverley 15:30 
Kempton 19:00 
Killarney 18:10 
Romme 12:20 
Jägersro 18:20 
Boden 18:30 
Skive 16:00 
Fairview 12:20 
Fort Erie 22:30 
Monticello 18:10 
Finger Lakes 19:00 
Pocono Downs 19:00 
Indiana Grand 20:10 
Plainridge 22:00 
Scioto Downs 23:52 
Gambling should be fun, not addictive!

Compulsive gamblers often no longer consider gambling and betting games to be a game. More than anything, addicts see it as a path to earn money. Addicts incorrectly assume that they have good luck or special capabilities. If they lose money, they tend to try and go after their losses by wagering even more. This is how they try to recover what was lost. This results in a vicious circle of higher losses and even larger stakes.

Preventing gambling addiction

Betting on horse racing is becoming increasingly popular and is part of everyday life as well as an expression of living happily. Behavioral patterns that are generally harmless if enjoyed in moderation such as going shopping, playing sport, eating, or drinking alcohol can be potentially addictive for small segments of the population. In cases of gambling addition, the lifestyle of the person concerned is dominated by gambling and this is often used to avoid unresolved issues and internal conflicts. The subconscious motives of gambling addicts are varied; whilst winning money is a powerful motivator, it is only one of many objectives. We are aware of the fact that betting on horse races can lead to personal and social problems. We take our responsibilities seriously in this regard by providing assistance through information and aiding prevention.

How do you know if you have a gambling problem?

  • Do you leave your children unsupervised for prolonged periods of time just in order to bet or gamble?
  • Are your wagers financed primarily from the household budget using money that was originally budgeted for rent, food, clothes, or heat and electricity?
  • Do you think you have to bet/gamble in order to spend time with people that mean something to you?
  • Do you think of your next bet when you are spending time with your family, colleagues, or friends?
  • Do you think betting and gambling are a way to make money?

Rules of responsible gambling

Observing the following behavioral rules ensures you can have fun whilst gambling, but without regrets:

  • Take regular breaks from betting.
  • Determine your monthly budget for gambling in advance.
  • Do not increase this maximum total afterwards.
  • Decide beforehand at what winnings you want to end the game.
  • Decide beforehand how much you can afford to lose.
  • Do not gamble when under the influence of alcohol or medication.
  • Do not gamble when in a depressed mood.
  • Only gamble if you are rested or focused.

At risk of a gambling addiction - what now?

If you feel that you may tend towards pathological gambling under specific circumstances then please use the self-block option. Send an informal email to our support team. Please note that when triggered, self-blocking can no longer be released on your part and that no further payments can be made to your account. Also, do not forget to claim any credit balances that you may have.

Counseling centers in your area can be found here.
Further help can be found here:

German websites
English websites

Protection Of Children

To ensure that no minors in your household can gamble on the internet, we recommend the following guidelines:
  • use child proof software that prohibits children and minors access to gaming sites.
  • do not to leave the computer/mobile/tablet unattended whilst you are logged in.
  • never give your credit card or bank account details to minors.
  • report minors under 18 (or anyone that does not have legal capacity and is under your jurisdiction) that have registered with us. In this case please contact the Customer Support immediately.
There are a number of other third-party applications that parents, or guardians can use to monitor or restrict the use of their computer/mobile/tablet access to the internet:

Self exclusion
you can fill out a form requesting self-exclusion from betting with onextwo and can send this to us. We will then confirm your self-exclusion.
please download the document, print it and complete the form requesting self-exclusion. Send this to us by post.
External exclusion
In addition to the self-ban, third parties (e.g. relatives, life partners) may also apply for registration of a gambling ban. After submitting the form, we will give the person the opportunity to comment.
Please download the adjacent document with the application form for third-party blocking, fill it out after printing it out and send it to us by post.
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