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Pfarrkirchen 14:00 
Compiegne 11:45 
Vichy 12:00 
Angers 15:33 
Vincennes 16:25 
Leicester 14:55 
Brighton 15:10 
Redcar 15:20 
Lingfield 18:40 
Nottingham 19:25 
Tipperary 17:45 
Ballinrobe 18:00 
Arjäng 12:20 
Gävle 18:02 
Axevalla 18:07 
Eskilstuna 18:20 
Skive 16:45 
Bjerke 19:00 
Vaal 12:30 

Right in the middle instead of just being there
What could be better than spending a race day comfortably from home on the live stream? What more than proved itself during the Corona pandemic has now become standard. Many interviews with athletes, betting information by experts and entertaining films make the turf fan feel as if he were there. Right in the middle instead of just being there, that`s the motto.

But in order for interviews to be rich in content and valuable tips to come about, not only the presenters have to be well prepared, which is always the case, but also the active players have to play along. From other sports, such as football, we know that players are media-savvy, trained and often eloquent in front of the camera. Exceptions prove the rule, of course, and here, too, there are candidates who react inelegantly, especially after defeats.

In racing, most trainers and jockeys are also active. But here, too, one sometimes wonders how little some of them are aware of the importance of the media, in this case the live broadcast. A few examples, without naming names, but those who have seen it know what we are writing about.

During the winter races from Dortmund, a jockey only said "no comment" when asked for a quote. A trainer was asked to make a statement about his horse`s chances. He answered with counter-questions and a lack of understanding about the questioner.

Then it happened on the top date for the Carl Jaspers Prize in Cologne. One of the most successful local trainers stood in front of the microphone with his arms folded, you could tell he didn`t feel like saying anything at all. Furthermore, a trainer was asked where his horse was about to land. He replied, among the first five. We don`t need to emphasise that there were five horses at the start, which says a lot. "Stable secrecy" is also often used as an argument for not revealing all secrets.

In other countries, information to the press is handled more offensively, especially in England. People, especially the weather, don`t want to be satisfied with platitudes, they want to hear new things. So, trainers and jockeys, don`t close yourselves off and join in. So that the live stream of the races remains as lively as it is.

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